Thank you for taking some time to learn about my campaign to become your Delegate.  District 12 is broad and diverse and requires a delegate that can bridge the entirety of its boundaries.  My history, guiding principles, and platform lends itself to this task.  I look forward to meeting many of you over the next few months to discuss ways we can serve our community and move Maryland forward.  

 There are three key issues facing Marylanders today – Education, the Environment and the Economy.  All three are fundamentally linked to one another and to our future.  While we address these issues, however, our policies should be guided by the principles of transparent and efficient government, the desire to improve our quality of life, and a commitment towards equality and fairness.  That’s what I want to do as your Delegate.

I believe that a Delegate should help educate our citizens about what our government is doing and why.  For that reason, I have included many links to continue our discussion on some of the important issues facing our State.

You will hear many of the same things from all of the candidates in this race.  I hope that with my campaign, you will hear something different, something that will inspire you to join me as I work to improve our communities.   Although much work has been done, there is still so much left to accomplish together!

-Rebecca Pfefferkorn Dongarra 




By Authority of People For Rebecca Dongarra
Karen Hescox, Treasurer
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